You are what you read, you are (hopefully) what you see

The first phrase should be left undoubted.
You are what you read is true. Don't believe me? Ask my lecturer, who is a linguistic guru!
He said so, then why should I doubt him?! hahaha..
While the second phrase, I still don't know whether it's true or not.

Everything started with me buying a new camera. (using my father's money, but i was the one who
bought it ^..^) After that, I am very motivated to shoot great and cool pictures, shoot everything randomly.
Realizing that I'm a newly born newbie in the world called photography, i know i need to learn from other photographers. Then, I found this young talented and pretty artist Dylan Sada.

Actually, i have already befriend with her via Facebook. Love to take a brief look at her photos, which i interpret them as fashionable, urban, brave, and humane because most of her objects are
people--her fellas. What makes me so surprised is the fact that Dylan is Indonesian born girl. Uhmm.. I don't mean to underestimate my own nation.. big no no!! There are many great and talented Indonesians going international, without being noticed by Indonesians here.. Well, look at her face! not a typical Indonesians right?? *cough..envy her pretty face..cough*
As far as I know, she studied at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology Performing Art. More infos, she once worked for Juice Magazine Singapore as photographer, for Ivanho Harlim as assistant photographer and currently for Ale Zuek NY. *Geezzz, this girl rocks!!*
Maybe you have heard MOMOMILK ??? Yess.. miss Sada is the one behind the outstanding momomilk's photos gallery. What a talented and lucky girl she is. However, i'm very sure that she work hard for this success.

So, recently my new hobby is exploring Dylan's photos one by one, hoping that her sense of photography will transfer to me by just looking at her shoots.. (oh Gosh, it's too naive for my age!!)
Finally, i will left the question of are we what we see unsolved for a moment, i haven't knew the answer yet. But, the certain, very certain recipe of becoming like Dylan is practice.. practice.. and of course still practicing. Enjoy Dylan's works!!

the last picture was taken by the other Sada---- Andrea Sada..
no way!! it's just kidding everybody.. LOL!! nobody on earth named Andrea Sada.
The last photo is mine actually. How's it? not bad huh?!


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