Say it loudly! no, louder!!!! I mean extremely louder till the world hears it!

After almost 3.5 years studying English, I now know my passion is not in what i'm majoring right now. It sounds a bit late, doesn't it?? Well, no one should be blamed except me.
I in the past were too afraid to achieve what i like, or even to admit the thing i like.
I don't have any idea why i could be that stupid!
After all, the good thing is i don't regret anything. I must admit that learning in English Department of Universitas Indonesia brings so many advantages. It opens my mind, knowledge, and point of view as well how to look at the world and its diversity. Big probability it also helps me in finding my passion..
Now, i certainly can say that my passion is in fashion and art. One day I wanna study fashion business or maybe jewelry designing. yeeeyy!!! Long way to go, hard work is needed for sure.
Sometimes, I feel jealous with my friends who are majoring in art, fashion design, and stuff.
They're one step ahead of being labeled as designer or fashion buyer. *Dammnn it!!!*
So, for now, i don't have much time to be jealous or demotivated or else.. It's time to work baby!

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