Annyong Haseo, Korea

Recently I'm turning my eyes to Korean fashion. How come I don't pay attention to this since thousand online shops in Indonesia have become the resellers of Korean products?!?!
I must admit that Korean clothes are too sweet (read:t
oo cute) to be ignored.. :))

Besides the price is pretty affordable if compared to branded lines (Zara, Topshop, Mango, Pull n Bear,..) Korean has various yet stylish designs (from dresses, shoes, boots, jackets n bla..bla..bla..)

Most items sold in online shops are 'read-to-wear' clothes. Then i become so curious to see how the couture style of Korean designers look like ^.^

So, i did a little search using Mr. Google :)) and got these:

(great..great..great!!! not having the girlish sense which occurs in the ready-to-wear designs, although they keep the ruffles, rumples and stuff)
designers: 1 Lie Sang Bong 2 Jung Hunjong 3 Ha Sang Beg 4 Moon Young Hee


1 Jin Youn Lee; 2 The collection in MANGO from Jin Youn Lee;

3 Eun Jeong’s autumn/winter 09/10 collection at London Fashion Week

Now see how Andre Kim, one of the famous Korean designer in the world, personalized Korea Traditional Clothes HANBOK.



wOOOw! see the intricate details which adds glamor sense.. very pretty isn't it??

Finally, just wanna share the source of my finding. For those who likely to know more about
Korean designers just check it out HERE :))

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