okay, my true reason making a new blog.

I got this feeling that after graduating i will send my CV to magazine companies.
And so far, they will ask the applicants writing or something similar. And again, based on my observation, due to the super fast increasing of technology those magazines will just ask you for your blog address. So simple, so easy!
However, i strongly believe, it will be a nightmare for me!!
FYI, i don't heart writing, especially keeping a journal!!
I realize that i'm a type of person who get bored easily, love to do new things n even more in love in leaving them half done. I admit that is my weakness!!
FYI again, i once made a blog titled Miss Persia, and yes! i abandoned it immediately 2 or 3 months later.

So because of this, i'm asking my blogger friends Sari and Raisa to kindly remind me to update my brand new blog regularly. (if you two read this, i mean it seriously! just say it to me,"Drea, u'd better upgrade your blog or you'll kill yourself in the future!!" haha.. sounds extreme, but usually it works! thanks a lot!)

I'm so ready with this blogging thing! yeah.


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