Super eco-friendly coffee canvas tote

I got this idea of personalizing my plain canvas tote from Jodi Picoult's Change of Heart.

For those who had read this novel, do you remember one of the characters-- inmate Lucius??
Yeepp! I'm inspired by him..
Lucius is a prisoner. He was found guilty for murdering his gay partner. Though he is labeled as a dangerous prisoner, he is actually a softhearted man. Moreover, he is an artist.
He loves to paint and even living in the jail, he always tries to paint by using any kind of possible things such as toothpaste, tea, coffee, his waste food, and other things he can get.
Uhhmm.. Let's stop the story of Lucius here ^.^
As my creativity came to me (or actually my silliness which had come to me first.. hoho), i decided to paint my tote with COFFEE !!!!! (uhmm,, toothpaste and waste food sounds horribly disgusting for me. gross!)
Well, you know that coffee will leave stain right? and i want to make the stain become something useful.. hahaha..

This how i made it:

-First thing first, you need: plain canvas bag, very dark coffee liquid (the darker the better), watercolor paint brush, pencil, and eraser.

-After that, what you need to do is making pattern on canvas bag, except you have a great drawing skill. And because of my poor drawing skill, i just doodled a tea pot and a glass.. (Hey! doodling is in right now!!)

- Finally., bold your pattern using coffee liquid. Do it carefully by using watercolor brush or other brush which has soft head. Then, wait till the coffee liquid dry..

So easy, less money needed, and of course absolutely green (read: natural).. Wooohooo!!!!
Do you want to see my bag??
Here it is... Taaaarrraaaa!!!!!

Grrr... not satisfied with my own drawing.. T.T
So, i put my handmade brooch to make it sweeter..

ps: Don't wash the bag too often, the stain will fade anyway.. But don't worry, you can paint it again and again with coffee liquid.. haha..
yuuummm.. the bag smells so coffee.. delicious!


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