Tim Burton's poem noir* satisfies the darkness inside me.. hahaha
I found one of his poems talking about global warming
read this, it makes you smile :))

To those who knew him
-his friends-
we called him Roy.
To others he was known
as that horrible Toxic Boy.

He loved ammonia and asbestos,
and lots of cigarette smoke.
What he breathed in for air
would make other people choke!

His very favorite toy
was a can of aerosol spray;
he'd sit quietly and shake it,
and spray it all the day.

He'd stand inside the garage
in the early-morning frost,
waiting for the car to start
and fill him with exhaust.

The one and only time
I ever saw Toxic Boy cry
was when some sodium chloride
got into his eye.

One day for fresh air
they put him in the garden.

His face went deathly pale
and his body began to harden.

The final gasp of his short life
was sickly with despair.
Whoever thought that you could die
from breathing outdoor air?

As Roy's soul left his body
we all said a silent prayer.
It drifted up to heaven

and left a hole in the ozone layer.

* borrow the term film noir, which refers to dark film


random photoshot

these are photoshots I made for CARRYME'O ads.. Err, i might say they're far from my expectation, which is carrying effortless fashionable. hahaha. Should learn more about photography i guess, or simply hire a professional photographer? (wish i have enough budget to do so. doh!)


It's been a while i haven't post anything here. Since life has been so hectic lately.
I thought before that my final semester would be less busy than the previous semester. Haaa! The truth is the other way around.
Lucky me! Just get rid campus stuff for awhile. I've some
thing more interesting to tell. WOOHOO!

I am in a project together with Sari and my sis Grace, which was started last long long holiday. We want to make our own label, selling mostly girl stuff.
We first began with designing canvas tote since it's the simple one. Well, i guess for now we'll consentrate in tote-ing until we have enough time to create other products. And now, we're almost ready to launch our label. Yaaaayyy!!!

Oh, btw our label name is CARRYME'O.
Just drop by at CARRYME'O blog and DO ORDER our totes!!! hahaha.. Hey, just drop by, peep at our totes and don't hesitate to leave your comments..



ceracau tengah malam

A dreamer will be just a dreamer if she or he doesn't make the 1st move to drag his/her dream from his head and put it into action. I really need to say this to myself because i know i'm a dreamer--the lazy one i guess :))
Ideas might come and go into my head, but I rarely caught them. doh!



I just wanna share some photo ads of BigGalsLingerie.

My favorite is the 1st one :))
She is so beautiful and i think the lingerie fits her perfectly.
Well, big girls should be given the opportunity to have fun and to be a bit 'bitchy' as well as skinny girls do.. wooohooo!!!

Big girls, you are beautiful--- quoting MIKA--

I don't understand this quote !!!

heyy!!! tell me what this means?
is it 'being different from others will make life amazing' ???


Branded Stuff-Jawdropping Price

Love these branded items, but hate the price?? Well,since now on you may fall in love with both of them.. :)))

I was thinking of my b'day wish list when I found this jawdropping online store REEBONZ
I'm drooling right now :))

I found this store very unique since it only sells branded items with a lot of discount (even until 80% off). What we have to do is register first, become its member, then we'll receive new updates of what label is on sale. They call it event and each event has certain period of time (mostly it last just a few days).. So, you have to be fully updated unless you'll miss the golden opportunity.,

next alarm on reebonz: STUART WEITZMAN UP TO 80% OFF !!!!!! this coming 21 august (only 3days sale) ^.^

good nite

FOR RECEIVE A REEBONZ INVITATION, just click this pict below:

ni ki cio

Those who say Indonesians are fashion-blind should think twice again.. errr.. They probably haven't met nina nikicio :))

Good news :)))))

Second line of NIKICIO----- ONEANDAHALF
carries a different concept from the former label NIKICIO which enable us to mix and match them the way we love them to be and of course cheaper in pricing!! yippiiiyy :)))))



Annyong Haseo, Korea

Recently I'm turning my eyes to Korean fashion. How come I don't pay attention to this since thousand online shops in Indonesia have become the resellers of Korean products?!?!
I must admit that Korean clothes are too sweet (read:t
oo cute) to be ignored.. :))

Besides the price is pretty affordable if compared to branded lines (Zara, Topshop, Mango, Pull n Bear,..) Korean has various yet stylish designs (from dresses, shoes, boots, jackets n bla..bla..bla..)

Most items sold in online shops are 'read-to-wear' clothes. Then i become so curious to see how the couture style of Korean designers look like ^.^

So, i did a little search using Mr. Google :)) and got these:

(great..great..great!!! not having the girlish sense which occurs in the ready-to-wear designs, although they keep the ruffles, rumples and stuff)
designers: 1 Lie Sang Bong 2 Jung Hunjong 3 Ha Sang Beg 4 Moon Young Hee


1 Jin Youn Lee; 2 The collection in MANGO from Jin Youn Lee;

3 Eun Jeong’s autumn/winter 09/10 collection at London Fashion Week

Now see how Andre Kim, one of the famous Korean designer in the world, personalized Korea Traditional Clothes HANBOK.



wOOOw! see the intricate details which adds glamor sense.. very pretty isn't it??

Finally, just wanna share the source of my finding. For those who likely to know more about
Korean designers just check it out HERE :))

Happy Birthday Indonesia

Good morning anndd HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to my beloved country INDONESIA..!!!!!

my best wishes for you, Indonesia! Hope you'll grow to be a great nation, prosperous, and peaceful.. and I'll be very proud to help you to fulfill my own wishes :))


Super eco-friendly coffee canvas tote

I got this idea of personalizing my plain canvas tote from Jodi Picoult's Change of Heart.

For those who had read this novel, do you remember one of the characters-- inmate Lucius??
Yeepp! I'm inspired by him..
Lucius is a prisoner. He was found guilty for murdering his gay partner. Though he is labeled as a dangerous prisoner, he is actually a softhearted man. Moreover, he is an artist.
He loves to paint and even living in the jail, he always tries to paint by using any kind of possible things such as toothpaste, tea, coffee, his waste food, and other things he can get.
Uhhmm.. Let's stop the story of Lucius here ^.^
As my creativity came to me (or actually my silliness which had come to me first.. hoho), i decided to paint my tote with COFFEE !!!!! (uhmm,, toothpaste and waste food sounds horribly disgusting for me. gross!)
Well, you know that coffee will leave stain right? and i want to make the stain become something useful.. hahaha..

This how i made it:

-First thing first, you need: plain canvas bag, very dark coffee liquid (the darker the better), watercolor paint brush, pencil, and eraser.

-After that, what you need to do is making pattern on canvas bag, except you have a great drawing skill. And because of my poor drawing skill, i just doodled a tea pot and a glass.. (Hey! doodling is in right now!!)

- Finally., bold your pattern using coffee liquid. Do it carefully by using watercolor brush or other brush which has soft head. Then, wait till the coffee liquid dry..

So easy, less money needed, and of course absolutely green (read: natural).. Wooohooo!!!!
Do you want to see my bag??
Here it is... Taaaarrraaaa!!!!!

Grrr... not satisfied with my own drawing.. T.T
So, i put my handmade brooch to make it sweeter..

ps: Don't wash the bag too often, the stain will fade anyway.. But don't worry, you can paint it again and again with coffee liquid.. haha..
yuuummm.. the bag smells so coffee.. delicious!