Tim Burton's poem noir* satisfies the darkness inside me.. hahaha
I found one of his poems talking about global warming
read this, it makes you smile :))

To those who knew him
-his friends-
we called him Roy.
To others he was known
as that horrible Toxic Boy.

He loved ammonia and asbestos,
and lots of cigarette smoke.
What he breathed in for air
would make other people choke!

His very favorite toy
was a can of aerosol spray;
he'd sit quietly and shake it,
and spray it all the day.

He'd stand inside the garage
in the early-morning frost,
waiting for the car to start
and fill him with exhaust.

The one and only time
I ever saw Toxic Boy cry
was when some sodium chloride
got into his eye.

One day for fresh air
they put him in the garden.

His face went deathly pale
and his body began to harden.

The final gasp of his short life
was sickly with despair.
Whoever thought that you could die
from breathing outdoor air?

As Roy's soul left his body
we all said a silent prayer.
It drifted up to heaven

and left a hole in the ozone layer.

* borrow the term film noir, which refers to dark film


random photoshot

these are photoshots I made for CARRYME'O ads.. Err, i might say they're far from my expectation, which is carrying effortless fashionable. hahaha. Should learn more about photography i guess, or simply hire a professional photographer? (wish i have enough budget to do so. doh!)


It's been a while i haven't post anything here. Since life has been so hectic lately.
I thought before that my final semester would be less busy than the previous semester. Haaa! The truth is the other way around.
Lucky me! Just get rid campus stuff for awhile. I've some
thing more interesting to tell. WOOHOO!

I am in a project together with Sari and my sis Grace, which was started last long long holiday. We want to make our own label, selling mostly girl stuff.
We first began with designing canvas tote since it's the simple one. Well, i guess for now we'll consentrate in tote-ing until we have enough time to create other products. And now, we're almost ready to launch our label. Yaaaayyy!!!

Oh, btw our label name is CARRYME'O.
Just drop by at CARRYME'O blog and DO ORDER our totes!!! hahaha.. Hey, just drop by, peep at our totes and don't hesitate to leave your comments..