What's in: Shoulders Volume

Have you check Susie Bubble's latest post? have you?? if not, check it.. check it...!!!
There says that 'BIG SHOULDERS ARE IN'. Still can't imagine them? See this photo taken from Susie's blog..
what do you think? errr,, for me this is absolutely unwearable.. well, if you are a model it's probably you may get the chance to wear it once or twice. However, if you are just an ordinary people---like me-- whose life circle is around college, home, mall, home again, where the hell i'm going to wear it?? hahaha.
But, it doesn't mean i don't like the design. It's so beautiful and artsy and sexy (?) and of course very intricate.
Anyhow, England based designer Ada Zanditon is the one who make this.
Since this trend started in England, i guess it takes time to come to Indonesia.
Moreover, i somehow doubt this coming trend will be as booming as err.. let say acid washed jeans or studded and digital printed clothes.

Heiy, i found this picture, too.. Ladies from 19th century:

Oooh, man.!!! We're so back to the past (even we are too 'past' than the real 'past')


ps: Susie Bubble is one of the respectable fashion bloggers. She lives in England right now.

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