Behind the name Circa and Ciella

At the beginning, I took the name Circa de Ciella randomly. Unfortunately, 'circa' and 'ciella' have their own meaning which later i found out that these 2 words express myself. What a coincidence!!
'Circa', literally means 'around' (it is used to show time actually) and 'ciella' is taken from the French word 'ciel', meaning the sky. So,i make my own conclusion that Circa de ciella means "around the sky".

How these words reflect me?
It was my childhood dream to be on the sky, i mean in my naive imagination, when you are on the highest place (like the sky for example, although i believe sky is not a place ^.^), you can see the world very clearly. And now, in my adult point of view, being on the sky means i want to learn things i love the most,grab opportunities, and give myself a chance to 'fly'. This will make my life meaningful.

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