I just wanna share some photo ads of BigGalsLingerie.

My favorite is the 1st one :))
She is so beautiful and i think the lingerie fits her perfectly.
Well, big girls should be given the opportunity to have fun and to be a bit 'bitchy' as well as skinny girls do.. wooohooo!!!

Big girls, you are beautiful--- quoting MIKA--

I don't understand this quote !!!

heyy!!! tell me what this means?
is it 'being different from others will make life amazing' ???


Branded Stuff-Jawdropping Price

Love these branded items, but hate the price?? Well,since now on you may fall in love with both of them.. :)))

I was thinking of my b'day wish list when I found this jawdropping online store REEBONZ
I'm drooling right now :))

I found this store very unique since it only sells branded items with a lot of discount (even until 80% off). What we have to do is register first, become its member, then we'll receive new updates of what label is on sale. They call it event and each event has certain period of time (mostly it last just a few days).. So, you have to be fully updated unless you'll miss the golden opportunity.,

next alarm on reebonz: STUART WEITZMAN UP TO 80% OFF !!!!!! this coming 21 august (only 3days sale) ^.^

good nite

FOR RECEIVE A REEBONZ INVITATION, just click this pict below:

ni ki cio

Those who say Indonesians are fashion-blind should think twice again.. errr.. They probably haven't met nina nikicio :))

Good news :)))))

Second line of NIKICIO----- ONEANDAHALF
carries a different concept from the former label NIKICIO which enable us to mix and match them the way we love them to be and of course cheaper in pricing!! yippiiiyy :)))))



Annyong Haseo, Korea

Recently I'm turning my eyes to Korean fashion. How come I don't pay attention to this since thousand online shops in Indonesia have become the resellers of Korean products?!?!
I must admit that Korean clothes are too sweet (read:t
oo cute) to be ignored.. :))

Besides the price is pretty affordable if compared to branded lines (Zara, Topshop, Mango, Pull n Bear,..) Korean has various yet stylish designs (from dresses, shoes, boots, jackets n bla..bla..bla..)

Most items sold in online shops are 'read-to-wear' clothes. Then i become so curious to see how the couture style of Korean designers look like ^.^

So, i did a little search using Mr. Google :)) and got these:

(great..great..great!!! not having the girlish sense which occurs in the ready-to-wear designs, although they keep the ruffles, rumples and stuff)
designers: 1 Lie Sang Bong 2 Jung Hunjong 3 Ha Sang Beg 4 Moon Young Hee


1 Jin Youn Lee; 2 The collection in MANGO from Jin Youn Lee;

3 Eun Jeong’s autumn/winter 09/10 collection at London Fashion Week

Now see how Andre Kim, one of the famous Korean designer in the world, personalized Korea Traditional Clothes HANBOK.



wOOOw! see the intricate details which adds glamor sense.. very pretty isn't it??

Finally, just wanna share the source of my finding. For those who likely to know more about
Korean designers just check it out HERE :))

Happy Birthday Indonesia

Good morning anndd HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to my beloved country INDONESIA..!!!!!

my best wishes for you, Indonesia! Hope you'll grow to be a great nation, prosperous, and peaceful.. and I'll be very proud to help you to fulfill my own wishes :))


Super eco-friendly coffee canvas tote

I got this idea of personalizing my plain canvas tote from Jodi Picoult's Change of Heart.

For those who had read this novel, do you remember one of the characters-- inmate Lucius??
Yeepp! I'm inspired by him..
Lucius is a prisoner. He was found guilty for murdering his gay partner. Though he is labeled as a dangerous prisoner, he is actually a softhearted man. Moreover, he is an artist.
He loves to paint and even living in the jail, he always tries to paint by using any kind of possible things such as toothpaste, tea, coffee, his waste food, and other things he can get.
Uhhmm.. Let's stop the story of Lucius here ^.^
As my creativity came to me (or actually my silliness which had come to me first.. hoho), i decided to paint my tote with COFFEE !!!!! (uhmm,, toothpaste and waste food sounds horribly disgusting for me. gross!)
Well, you know that coffee will leave stain right? and i want to make the stain become something useful.. hahaha..

This how i made it:

-First thing first, you need: plain canvas bag, very dark coffee liquid (the darker the better), watercolor paint brush, pencil, and eraser.

-After that, what you need to do is making pattern on canvas bag, except you have a great drawing skill. And because of my poor drawing skill, i just doodled a tea pot and a glass.. (Hey! doodling is in right now!!)

- Finally., bold your pattern using coffee liquid. Do it carefully by using watercolor brush or other brush which has soft head. Then, wait till the coffee liquid dry..

So easy, less money needed, and of course absolutely green (read: natural).. Wooohooo!!!!
Do you want to see my bag??
Here it is... Taaaarrraaaa!!!!!

Grrr... not satisfied with my own drawing.. T.T
So, i put my handmade brooch to make it sweeter..

ps: Don't wash the bag too often, the stain will fade anyway.. But don't worry, you can paint it again and again with coffee liquid.. haha..
yuuummm.. the bag smells so coffee.. delicious!



Still related to Heaven

Good news (for me) !!! yaaayyy...
HE has approved me as his friend in Facebook ^_____^

He actually has his own website,.. Check it out HERE

My new crush, oh Heaven..!!

Since I read about him on Altamira Online Magazine, I can put him aside my head.. *sigh*

Please welcome,

HEAVEN TANUDIREDJA, an international designer... :))

Well, i won't talk much about him here. If u're interested, just read Altamira which has published
a great article about this talented Balinese.
Personally, I admire Heaven because he lately makes his jewelry line (i've mentioned before that my obsession right now is in jewelry designing.. yey!), not the ordinary line but the other way around-- S.U.P.E.R.B!!!
Heaven is the chosen one who designs jewelry for Dries Van Noten. (err.. honestly i dunno who is Van Noten, however i got the sense he's someone big in fashion industry)

Because of my curiosity, I google my new crush Heaven, and this what I found:


Cotton ribbon crystal necklace, Heaven Tanudiredja, $1,368, at Henri Bendel, NYC
(pheeeewwwwww..... priceeeyyy!!!!)

He also featured in ELLE

Also featured on A Shaded View on Fashion by Diane Pernet :

Beth Ditto wears accessories by Heaven Tanudiredja at the Royal Academy of Arts (12 june 2009)

other creation of him:

(how does he get the idea for making jewelry like this?!?!?!?!)

okay! that's all from me..
have a nice day & God Bless!

What's in: Shoulders Volume

Have you check Susie Bubble's latest post? have you?? if not, check it.. check it...!!!
There says that 'BIG SHOULDERS ARE IN'. Still can't imagine them? See this photo taken from Susie's blog..
what do you think? errr,, for me this is absolutely unwearable.. well, if you are a model it's probably you may get the chance to wear it once or twice. However, if you are just an ordinary people---like me-- whose life circle is around college, home, mall, home again, where the hell i'm going to wear it?? hahaha.
But, it doesn't mean i don't like the design. It's so beautiful and artsy and sexy (?) and of course very intricate.
Anyhow, England based designer Ada Zanditon is the one who make this.
Since this trend started in England, i guess it takes time to come to Indonesia.
Moreover, i somehow doubt this coming trend will be as booming as err.. let say acid washed jeans or studded and digital printed clothes.

Heiy, i found this picture, too.. Ladies from 19th century:

Oooh, man.!!! We're so back to the past (even we are too 'past' than the real 'past')


ps: Susie Bubble is one of the respectable fashion bloggers. She lives in England right now.

motivation boost


You are what you read, you are (hopefully) what you see

The first phrase should be left undoubted.
You are what you read is true. Don't believe me? Ask my lecturer, who is a linguistic guru!
He said so, then why should I doubt him?! hahaha..
While the second phrase, I still don't know whether it's true or not.

Everything started with me buying a new camera. (using my father's money, but i was the one who
bought it ^..^) After that, I am very motivated to shoot great and cool pictures, shoot everything randomly.
Realizing that I'm a newly born newbie in the world called photography, i know i need to learn from other photographers. Then, I found this young talented and pretty artist Dylan Sada.

Actually, i have already befriend with her via Facebook. Love to take a brief look at her photos, which i interpret them as fashionable, urban, brave, and humane because most of her objects are
people--her fellas. What makes me so surprised is the fact that Dylan is Indonesian born girl. Uhmm.. I don't mean to underestimate my own nation.. big no no!! There are many great and talented Indonesians going international, without being noticed by Indonesians here.. Well, look at her face! not a typical Indonesians right?? *cough..envy her pretty face..cough*
As far as I know, she studied at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology Performing Art. More infos, she once worked for Juice Magazine Singapore as photographer, for Ivanho Harlim as assistant photographer and currently for Ale Zuek NY. *Geezzz, this girl rocks!!*
Maybe you have heard MOMOMILK ??? Yess.. miss Sada is the one behind the outstanding momomilk's photos gallery. What a talented and lucky girl she is. However, i'm very sure that she work hard for this success.

So, recently my new hobby is exploring Dylan's photos one by one, hoping that her sense of photography will transfer to me by just looking at her shoots.. (oh Gosh, it's too naive for my age!!)
Finally, i will left the question of are we what we see unsolved for a moment, i haven't knew the answer yet. But, the certain, very certain recipe of becoming like Dylan is practice.. practice.. and of course still practicing. Enjoy Dylan's works!!

the last picture was taken by the other Sada---- Andrea Sada..
no way!! it's just kidding everybody.. LOL!! nobody on earth named Andrea Sada.
The last photo is mine actually. How's it? not bad huh?!


Say it loudly! no, louder!!!! I mean extremely louder till the world hears it!

After almost 3.5 years studying English, I now know my passion is not in what i'm majoring right now. It sounds a bit late, doesn't it?? Well, no one should be blamed except me.
I in the past were too afraid to achieve what i like, or even to admit the thing i like.
I don't have any idea why i could be that stupid!
After all, the good thing is i don't regret anything. I must admit that learning in English Department of Universitas Indonesia brings so many advantages. It opens my mind, knowledge, and point of view as well how to look at the world and its diversity. Big probability it also helps me in finding my passion..
Now, i certainly can say that my passion is in fashion and art. One day I wanna study fashion business or maybe jewelry designing. yeeeyy!!! Long way to go, hard work is needed for sure.
Sometimes, I feel jealous with my friends who are majoring in art, fashion design, and stuff.
They're one step ahead of being labeled as designer or fashion buyer. *Dammnn it!!!*
So, for now, i don't have much time to be jealous or demotivated or else.. It's time to work baby!

okay, my true reason making a new blog.

I got this feeling that after graduating i will send my CV to magazine companies.
And so far, they will ask the applicants writing or something similar. And again, based on my observation, due to the super fast increasing of technology those magazines will just ask you for your blog address. So simple, so easy!
However, i strongly believe, it will be a nightmare for me!!
FYI, i don't heart writing, especially keeping a journal!!
I realize that i'm a type of person who get bored easily, love to do new things n even more in love in leaving them half done. I admit that is my weakness!!
FYI again, i once made a blog titled Miss Persia, and yes! i abandoned it immediately 2 or 3 months later.

So because of this, i'm asking my blogger friends Sari and Raisa to kindly remind me to update my brand new blog regularly. (if you two read this, i mean it seriously! just say it to me,"Drea, u'd better upgrade your blog or you'll kill yourself in the future!!" haha.. sounds extreme, but usually it works! thanks a lot!)

I'm so ready with this blogging thing! yeah.


Behind the name Circa and Ciella

At the beginning, I took the name Circa de Ciella randomly. Unfortunately, 'circa' and 'ciella' have their own meaning which later i found out that these 2 words express myself. What a coincidence!!
'Circa', literally means 'around' (it is used to show time actually) and 'ciella' is taken from the French word 'ciel', meaning the sky. So,i make my own conclusion that Circa de ciella means "around the sky".

How these words reflect me?
It was my childhood dream to be on the sky, i mean in my naive imagination, when you are on the highest place (like the sky for example, although i believe sky is not a place ^.^), you can see the world very clearly. And now, in my adult point of view, being on the sky means i want to learn things i love the most,grab opportunities, and give myself a chance to 'fly'. This will make my life meaningful.